Thu, 05 Aug 2004

Dear Mister W.,

Was it a mistake for President Truman to formally recognize the State Of Israel in May 1948 AGAINST the advice of the great George Marshall? Was Truman just a Zionist lackey ignoring the sage wisdom of one of America's greatest soldier-statesman?


Ahab the Arab


Dear Sheik Yerbouti,

George Marshall wasn't so great. Leni Riefenstahl told me it took him twice as long to get undressed as to storm her beachhead. Wait. I got a better one: she said he was pulling out of Berlin before the Reichstag was even on fire.

In any case, he was a lousy fellow to have at your back while bombed (you should pardon the expression) on sake in the Geisha Grotto of downtown Tokyo and confronting two men telling you Fugu Kamasori wants his twenty thousand yen. Just a giggle-puss with a gun.

If you ask Mister Wonderful, all countries are a bit of a mistake. So you've got an accent and a flag, big deal. Doesn't mean it makes sense to keep people out, or refuse to share food with them, or treat them indecently because they're on the other side of your magic invisible barrier of legitimacy.

Except for Australia, of course. The gods put an ocean around those crazy criminals for a reason.

WONDERFUL LABS - Keepers of the Myles Na Gopaleen Flame Pudding