Fri, 05 Jan 2001

Dear Mister Wonderful,

Who am I?


Dear ?,

Well, let's see... you're not me. You're not wearing a disheveled lab coat, you don't have dark exhaustion circles under your eyes, and your grin is not near sloppy enough.

You're not Mister Malice, because you care enough to write in. Mister Malice is simply the coldest bastard you'll ever be lucky to not encounter. Mister Malice once recovered from cancer by ignoring it. Poor little cells got lonely, froze up, and fell off.

You're not Mister Dark, either. Mister Dark would solve an identity crisis by methodically murdering everyone else. If he is the only one, it doesn't matter who he is.

Oh, wait! I know you! You're that guy. The one with the hair. Yeah, yeah. I remember now. Boy, you're great. That thing you do with the stuff... rilly rilly cool. You should come over some time. We could do something.