Sat, 05 Jul 2003

JULY 5th, 1776 -


"Yes, Ben?"

"Are those your legs?"

"I think so. Are we still in Philadelphia?"

"I don't know. If I open my eyes, my head will fall off."

"That was some convention."

"It wasn't a convention, it was a broth-"


"John? Is that you?"


"Must be John. Smells like Boston in the summertime."

"Where did we wind up?"

"Well, we started with the mead, then we had that horse show... then George and Martha has one of their "special" parties, and I think by then it was time for dinner... then it's a bit hazy. I remember... you wanted to stick your piece in that cracked bell..."

"Oh by Voltaire's twisted nubbin, I did..."

"And then we were all pushing each other into fountains, and pissing in the fountains, and then... and then we got those girls to dress up as Redcoats."

"No, we didn't..."

"Yes. And then... I think someone let us into the hall for more beer barrels... and you wanted to write a gag letter to King George... Oh."

"Oh no. Oh, we didn't, did we?"

The Sarcastic Fringehead and the Wonderful Laboratories Players remind you to always revolt responsibly.