Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003

Dear Mr. Wonderful,

Who would win in a fight: the Powerpuff Girls or the Justice League?




Dear Toughest Fighter,

While I am certain that Superman could talk to the super-powered tots and convince them to join the Super Friends in the Hall of Justice, the sight of Gleek (simian companion to the (no relation) Wonder Twins) might startle the girls, who would then blast him into a purple smear along the wall, thinking him their enemy Mojo Jojo.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman would no doubt applaud this move, but Green Lantern and Flash would throw a hissy fit, like always, and finally Wonder Woman would nudge Apache Chief and say, "Watch this" then throw her Magic Lasso over Green Lantern and ask him if he was a big pussy. Black Vulcan would then say, "That's not cool, man." Aquaman would then want to know who asked him. Black Vulcan would respond by inviting whitefish out to finish what he started. Robin would then swerve way out of line and ask Black Vulcan what he planned to do without his boyfriend, Cyborg.

When the smoke cleared, only Superman and the Powerpuff Girls would remain standing. Superman, embarrassed, would apologize and exile himself into space.

Batman, late because the Batmobile had lost a wheel and the Joker got away, would then enter and quickly assess the situation. The sight of Robin, however, unconscious in a pile of scales and feathers, would fuse every synapse of the Dark Knight's admirable brain onto a path of certain vengeance against the Power Poppets. Would he be able to single-handedly defeat the cutesy trio, these megapotent creations of Dr. Utonium and Chemical X?

The answer to that query hinges on this further query: would you put it past Batman to punch a little girl in the face?

The answer to that query hinges on this one: How big a geek am I that I'm actually thinking about it?

That query can only be answered if you know this: Was my first thought, "I bet the Legion of Doom is behind this."?

In reverse order, then: Yes, huge, no.

WONDERFUL LABS - We Did It All For Love, Officer