March 21, 2013 it says, but I don’t remember adding these

Dear Mister Wonderful,

Sketch Comedy Porn.
[Example URL Redacted]

-Richard Dawson


Dear Tricky Dicky,

Oh, the jokes I could make about the Upright Citizens Brigade right now.

But I won’t, because I’ve got to pop this Sex and the Second City pitch off to Vivid Entertainment. No points for guessing that the lead’s name is “Amy Pole-her”.

The twist is that her swishy best friend, “Tim Fey”, turns out to have a titillating surprise!

Here’s my point: that took me about 45 seconds from title to plot. And that’s still more development than went into the 145 feature-length pornographic films that were produced in California this afternoon.

Mister Wonderful applauds any creative effort, particularly when it’s unnecessary. Time was, it took more than just slapping a “NOT” or “XXX” onto a mainstream movie title to make the porn version. We used to have smutty puns! You were chuckling before you even guiltily put the box at the bottom of your rental pile and pretended it was an afterthought.

More comedy in porn, that’s what I say. Stimulating emotion and unexpected joys are better than faceless kinetic anatomy lessons any day.

And you know Eric Idle is just itching to license “Monty Python” brand condoms.

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