August 21, 2012

Dear Mister Wonderful,

Is posing for a pin-up calendar a good career move? When one is chubby and middle-aged? (And does it make a difference if it’s for a non-profit fundraiser?)



Dear Genius Quotient,

My answer is definitely going to depend on just what your “career” is.

For instance, if you are Batman, I would say this is not a good move, regardless of how much cowl you leave on. Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious, lot and you must be a symbol, more than a man.  You’re pushing 50, Br─b'uh, buddy, don’t throw away that physique mystique just because the 50 Shades of Gotham Ladies Circular wants to make you Mr. October.

On the other hand, if you are a politician, Mister Wonderful says go for it. Prove to the people that you have something to hide! Maybe they’ll wish it had stayed hidden a while longer, but we here at the Labs will certainly have had a good cackle at your expense, and that’s what counts.

If you’re a poet, a scientist, or a comic book artist, don’t bother. They’ve probably seen it for free.

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