Originally published on or around July 25, 2012

Dear Mr. Wonderful,

Do you prefer Farscape or Dr. Who and why? Thank you in advance.


Dear J.J. Abrams,

Well, if I’m having coffee I like a sweeter breakfast, so I go with Dr. Who (it’s got Whoberries!); with orange juice, I’ll take Farscape (and the fiber doesn’t hurt).

Just kidding! I never eat breakfast. Mornings are for birds and people with solid alibis.

No, but seriously: what’s a Farscape?

Joking! I’m joking! I don’t really need to ask you; Wikipedia’s right over here.


So… Australian puppet show re-make of Battle Beyond the Stars, or quasi-sentient metafiction directed by the alchemical spirit of Mercury at the heart of the world? Let’s see… of those two things, which would appeal to Mister Wonderful?

Mister Wonderful, who in ancient days revealed the lore of gay magic cows and extra-dimensional hangover elves, who laid bare the sordid origins of George Lucas’ mythology, who spent years on the techno-mystical shores of a hidden island paradise, who appreciates an eccentric dress-sense, who wrote “I believe in the promise of technology and the primacy of magic. I believe that the Old Ones are the New Hotness. I believe that some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ Marshall Mathers. I believe reality disguises illusion and fiction is the first path to the real. I believe that beliefs are laughable and that there is nothing so serious. I believe in cynicism, and have faith in skepticism. I don’t believe anything.”

How could you possibly think… oh, you say Farscape is on Netflix Watch Instantly? Well, I’ll give it a try.

Always open to the promise of Aussie pleasure, me.


WONDERFUL LABS - Big Ups On The Inside


“Suddenly the Doctor heard the greatest sound in the universe, more delightful than the dawn chorus, more lovely than the laughter of children, more sweet than a mountain stream. It was the wheezing, groaning sound of the relative dimension stabiliser of a Type 40 TARDIS in materialisation mode.”

- Gareth Roberts, Doctor Who: Shada